Beaver Builder News

Beaver Builder 1.9 (Shasta) Release

By Michael Davis / December 7, 2016 /

Just a few hours after the release of WordPress 4.7, the guys at Beaver Builder released version 1.9 of the plugin and this one has some exciting, long awaited features to introduce. Added the ability to drop columns into columns. Added the ability to drag and drop existing columns. Made multiple improvements for more accurate…

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Should Developers Be Bloggers?

By Michael Davis / December 3, 2016 /

I caught a bit of Wordcamp US live feed this morning, starting with a talk by Sal Ferrarello on why WordPress developers should also be bloggers. Sal inspired a few thoughts of my own. How did you come to WordPress? For many in the WordPress community, especially the do-it-yourself-ers who have no interest except to maintain…

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November Update

By Michael Davis / November 30, 2016 /

There’s a new beaver ’round here Hello. I’m Michael Davis. Some of you may have seen Ian’s post in the Beaver Builder Facebook group last month seeking someone to take over Beaver Brains. While he loved creating and operating Beaver Brains, a job change was forcing him to realize he needed to let it go. Over the next few weeks…

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Beaver Brains has a new owner

By Michael Davis / November 23, 2016 /

I’m really happy to announce that Beaver Brains is now owned by Michael Davis, owner of the WordPress application agency, I’m Not Marvin and early Beaver Builder enthusiast. Michael’s vision for the future of Beaver Brains includes expanding the current resources and introducing new tools and features for the Beaver Builder community. When I started…

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Top Showcase Sites on Beaver Brains

By Michael Davis / August 31, 2016 /

Head on over to Beaver Brains to check out the top 10 Beaver Builder showcase sites for August. Our Beaver Builder Showcase has been running for just over a month and in that time we’ve had some amazing entries submitted. Everything from wedding planners to running clubs – we’ve seen a host of varying and creative designs submitted that showcase the power of Beaver Builder and BB addons.
Submit your site over at

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YouTube and Vimeo Row Backgrounds

By Michael Davis / August 31, 2016 /

Looks like YouTube and Vimeo row backgrounds are finally coming to Beaver Builder. Planned for version 1.8.6, the new video sources will make it much easier to embed hosted videos in your rows allowing for great header introductions. Right now it’s possible to add videos to rows by hosting mp4 and WebM files in your…

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Adjust header column widths in the Beaver Builder theme

By Michael Davis / August 29, 2016 /

Sometimes the Beaver Builder Header logo and menu spacing needs adjusting to suit your preferences – you can change the space allocated in a few ways… You can change the allocated widths for the header logo and menu by using this CSS snippet. Just change the percentage allocations to suit your preferences. Follow this tut by…

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Beaver Builder Updates

By Michael Davis / August 24, 2016 /

Summer holidays are in full swing and the fun continues as Beaver Builder releases news of exciting features in their upcoming Plugin version 1.9 & 2.0 Following on from our blog post last month, here are a few new updates to add to the upcoming plugin features… Beaver Builder Plugin Updates Justin Busa has recently…

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It’s Showtime for the Beaver Builder website creators!

By Michael Davis / July 29, 2016 /

Our Beaver Builder showcase page is now live! We’ve published great submissions from wedding planners, candy makers, health and fitness organisations, web design agencies and many more. It’s great to see the many ways Beaver Builder is being put to use with the majority of the submissions using both the BB plugin and theme. You’ll also…

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What to expect in the next Beaver Builder updates

By Michael Davis / July 26, 2016 /

Here’s a list of the exciting new features and updates expected in upcoming Beaver Builder plugin and Theme. Plugin Updates for 1.9 Version 1.9 of the plugin will bring copy and paste for rows and modules and custom units for margins and padding. Included in the release will be new content page templates; a list of which you can…

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Beaver Builder: July news and updates

By Michael Davis / July 14, 2016 /

The Beaver Builder July Update is out and some interesting revelations hint at what the BB team are planning. First, there is the news that two new members have joined the BB ranks; Nancy Hildebrandt will help put together a new knowledge base and Brent Jett will assist with putting together new user interface ideas and concepts.…

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Beaver Builder Roadmap

By Michael Davis / July 13, 2016 /

Would you like to know what the Beaver Builder team are planning for their WordPress plugin and theme? Want to stay in the loop about development features and release info? Visit the Beaver Builder Trello roadmap to find out. The team at Beaver Builder update the roadmap with upcoming features, issues they have repaired and other…

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