using bootstrap with beaver builder

Using Bootstrap CSS helpers with the Beaver Builder Theme

By Michael Davis / September 29, 2016 /

The Beaver Builder Theme is based on Bootstrap – one of the most popular HTML, CSS and JS frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first, websites. By using standard Bootstrap CSS classes you can add unique stand-out elements to your page. In this post, we show you some great examples.

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Highlight parent menu items when viewing sub-pages

By Michael Davis / September 15, 2016 /

I noticed recently that the Beaver Builder theme header menu items were only highlighted¬†when I was viewing the associated page – if I navigated to a subpage of that page, the menu item would no longer remain highlighted. I like to give as many visual clues as possible to help users understand the context and…

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Full width pages in Genesis with Beaver Builder

By Michael Davis / July 4, 2016 /

Here’s a useful bit of CSS for your Genesis child theme to achieve a full-width page layout brought to you by Neil Gowran. The code includes CSS for a Genesis child themes, Altitude Pro, Executive Pro, Outreach Pro, Enterprise Pro, mobile and general child themes. Add the CSS to your child themes stylesheet and you…

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Use Chrome Web Inspector to look up CSS class names

By Michael Davis / July 3, 2016 /

We’re always trying to tweak elements our pages using the power of CSS classes. But it’s not always that easy¬†finding out which classes to use. In this video, Beaver Builder developer Jon Mather shows how to use various tools to target the right CSS classes.  

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