Sharebear is a new plugin by Mapsteps that allows you to add social networking sharing buttons to your posts, pages, products and custom post types.

Adding Social Sharing icons and buttons to your website can be frustrating, with resource overload a top concern with many of the available plugins on the market. Introducing Sharebear by Mapsteps – a lightweight sharing plugin that you can use with Beaver Builder to style and place beautiful social network buttons anywhere you need them.


Sharebear has some neat styling options ranging from minimal to outlined, rounded, boxed, grey or branded coloured icons for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and Google+. Mapsteps plans to add more social networks in future updates.

You can add Sharebear’s social network buttons to the head and base of your content or in the sidebar or in all three locations at once. Using the provided shortcode, you can add social network icons to just about any position you like.

Neat Trick: Add the Sharebear shortcode to Beaver Builder’s Heading Module and place, align and colour the social network icons as you like.

Add the ShareBear shortcode to the Beaver Builder Heading module's general tab

Add the ShareBear shortcode to the Beaver Builder Heading module’s general tab

Use Sharebear with Beaver Builder's Heading Module

Colour the icons using the Style tab of Beaver Buidler’s Heading Modules

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