Beaver Extender

Beaver Extender is a product from CobaltApps that allows you to customise your Beaver Builder Theme based website through the use of HTML, Custom CSS and JS, functions, conditionals and hook boxes.

If you are familiar with Genesis Extender, Beaver Extender works much the same way allowing you to delve deeper into the design of your Beaver Builder theme elements and layouts.

The Beaver Extender plugin allows you to ‘inject’ pre-designed HTML templates into areas of your layout that fall outside of the ‘normal’ Beaver Builder editable zones. By using Beaver Extender, you can design and display any type of element on your layout by using shortcodes and Beaver Builder hooks. Unlike other plugins that allow you to add templates into your layouts, Beaver Extender takes things further by allowing you to control the CSS, JavaScript and functions associated with the element. This allows for much more powerful customisation by enabling deeper integration with the full rendering of elements on your layout.

Eric Hamm, the developer of the new plugin takes us through the process of creating a banner advert and adding it to a page using hooks and conditionals. Read the blog post here for more info.


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